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Pest Management

Protection Program

With Select Pest Control  Protection Program, not only will we control your current pests, but help prevent any future invaders. Select  will return the following month to rid the home of any surviving adult pests and prevent new hatchlings from reproducing. Because most infestations originate outside, your technician will focus on the outer perimeter of the home and outlying areas of the yard. Future service treatments can be exterior-only, without requiring you to be home or having to worry about scheduling conflicts.

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Barrier Treatment

We will perform a perimeter treatment that forms a barrier on the outside of the house. Typically the perimeter treatment covers a 6-foot-wide zone from the ground up the side of the house, as well as from the house wall outward. This will help prevent insects from entering the home as temperatures heat up & cool down.

Our objective is customer satisfaction. Our treatment will be applied to your home five times a year. Insect reproduction accelerates quickly after pests become established in your home, so acting quickly is critical.

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Custom Lawn Care Program

Not all lawn fertilization services are created equal. Our lawn care program includes five customized fertilization treatments that are designed to keep your lawn looking green and healthy. We will use only the best liquid and granular lawn application products for optimal results.

There is nothing we can’t do to give you a gorgeous, thick, green lawn all year long. Our lawn maintenance treatments will ensure a healthy growing lawn when applied regularly and we’ll make sure we hit any of the weeds your lawn is dealing with.

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Wildlife & Rodent Control

Wildlife control in Utah can be a large issue for some residents. Live animals can seek shelter in homes, attics, garages, sheds, window wells, crawl spaces, under decks, and in many other places. Animals living or dying in these structures can pose serious damage to the structure and create serious health hazards to any occupants. Select Pest Control  can control & efficiently eliminate these threats by capture, removal.

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Indoor Treatments

Having pests in your home is more than an inconvenience. Bugs and rodents pose health risks to adults, children and pets in the home. Insects and rodents can even cause serious damage to your property. Our mission here at Select Pest Control is to eliminate all the unwanted pests and rodents in your home and ensure that they don’t return. With a 100% worry free we only use products that are safe for you, your kids and your pets. Oder free stain free.

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Trained Technicians

Select Pest Control offers quality residential and commercial pest control services. Our pest control technicians are trained to identify pest concerns during an inspection and can offer solutions to your individual needs. From store fronts to neighborhoods, we are dedicated to bringing you peace of mind with each service that we perform

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